Loose T – No Label (2021)

All of us carry around labels whether we realise this or not. Loose T is wondering why we need to have these labels at all and what they actually do in the grand scheme of things with her single ‘No Label’. This satirical single has a candy coating reminiscent of old-school pop that is hiding some home truths for those who insist on labels.

While the candy tones of the single are different to her debut ‘Brexit’, the deep meaning of her music is still the same. Both tracks capture the emotions a lot of us feel while hitting out at an establishment that tries to keep us down and labelled. Using a slightly less angry approach to the topic in this track, she unleashes her emotions and helps you realise things you never knew could be such a problem.

Loose T’s vocals open ‘No Label’ with an authentic feeling. The stripped-back feeling of the opening vocals is quite vulnerable before they turn into the bopping candy pop flow. As the song progresses, her vocals progressively get punchier and more aggressive before turning back to the vulnerable flow of the opening. There is a really relatable vibe to the track because her vocals are so engaging and tickle something at the back of your brain. The lyrics are really catchy and make you want to sing along with them while pushing a heavy message. Through the lyrics, she delves into how we all label people when we meet them while questioning why we do this. She also challenges us to all change this unconscious labelling.

Beneath the vocals, a light piano line opens the track. This builds into the punk style we loved from her last release. While there is a punch of punk to the melody, there is a jangle of pop sensibilities that make you think of young-adult musicals. The beats will have your head bopping to the rhythm while the layers of the melody rain confetti on you.

Loose T takes on the unconscious labelling we are all guilty of with candy tones and punchy beats in the aptly titled ‘No Label’. The single builds from a vulnerable opening to a punchy and slightly aggressive call-out that is a delight to listen to. While there is a really serious topic being considered, the light tones make it easy to connect with and lets everything hit just a little harder.

Find out more about Loose T on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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