Cris Cap ft Tyla Raé – Like a Rose (2021)

All relationships have their ups and downs but this is often overlooked by many songs. This is not something that Cris Cap is doing as he brings the beauty and sweetness to the challenges and problems in ‘Like a Rose’. Using the rose as a metaphor, he highlights the petals and thorns that are an intrinsic part of any relationship and how we need to work through the good and bad.

Featuring Tyla Raé, the duet fills your ears with soulful RnB and contemporary pop. Cap’s second collaboration with Raé, the single showcases his deep and soulful composition while highlighting the silken threads of her vocals. Packed with positive emotions, the single gives listeners the strength to work through even the hardest challenges their relationships could face.

Raé’s vocals open ‘Like a Rose’ with a smooth and tender line. Her voice is a healing balm that soothes the rough edges of your soul and has you breathing a little easier. You can’t help but be touched by the silken threads of her vocals as they twirl around you with lightness and happiness. Cap’s vocals bring a deeper soulful flow to the track which is as soothing as Raé’s. The interplay between their vocals is wonderful as it creates a conversation between people in a relationship who only feel love and affection for each other. While their performances are packed with affection, they acknowledge that there can be troubles but know that they will be able to work through it. This comes together for a really uplifting feeling letting you know that everything will be okay if you try.

As the vocals fill you with love and affection, the melody slides through your senses with RnB perfection. The clicking tones in the opening are supported by the depths of the piano line. The smooth flow of the melody slides into the lighter tones and gentle touch of horns on the chorus. There is a lot of warmth in the melody that fills you from the inside out and has your muscles relaxing into the heat.

Cris Cap and Tyla Raé smoothly slide into your senses for the affectionate and warm RnB flows of ‘Like a Rose’. The vocals meet each other in a soft embrace that highlights the affection and love woven into each word. The melody is as soulful as the vocals and leaves a wash of warmth in its wake.

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