RAT BATH – Spit//Swallow (2021)

RAT BATH thrust you into the pivotal moment of a story with their single ‘Spit//Swallow’. Off their upcoming concept album, the single tells the tale of a witch escaping a timeless prison and fending off the guardians who held them captive. Bringing a demonic twist to some hardcore rock, they hit you with the sense of grim adventure and thrashing noise rock tones.

Using their self-described spooky country core sound, the band brings a new edge to music that you never realised you needed until you hear it. As the first single from the album, this track has you vibrating with anticipation for what is to come. Mixing an interesting and unique story with masterful rock tones, the band has you on the edge of your seat and wanting to rock out at the same time.

‘Spit//Swallow’ rises from the depth with a rolling line that has you wanting to jump around like crazy from the first moment. The blistering movement of the melody has your heart racing while you want to play air drums and go crazy. The music doesn’t let up for a second as it flies through your chest and pounds in your soul. While there is a solid movement, there is a serious swing in the latter parts of the track. This brings the music to a head and punches you upside the head for a pounding tone.

As the melody drives you crazy, the vocals build the tension on your muscles that coils and waits to burst. There is a great movement to the vocals that go from a frantic look around you to a scream of freedom. The rise and fall of the vocals is utterly beautiful as it picks up the pace of the melody and pushes against your senses. You are going to feel the urge to shout with the band on the chorus. Through the lyrics, the band has you feeling the urge to fight that the central witch of the story would be caught in.

RAT BATH fill your muscles with tension that is released as you go crazy to the tones of ‘Spit//Swallow’. The melody is full-on from start to finish with a moment of extra punch that livens the entire vibe. The vocals move from melodic to screaming as you are filled with the urge to fight against the guardians of the story.

Find out more about RAT BATH on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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