Cristal B. – My Therapist (2021)

There are many things that can negatively affect our mental health from insecurities to anxiety and negative self-image. Cristal B is confronting these negative factors head-on in her single ‘My therapist’. Using a raw and personal style, she takes on darkness and angst to help listeners build the path to better mental health and the foundations of truly caring for themselves.

With lyrics that act as a conversation with a therapist, the single is a powerful anthem for those who need a boost to achieve better mental health. While Cristal B has been singing since a child and writing songs for almost as long, it was during the pandemic that she rediscovered her love of creating music. With this track as her official debut single, she is sure to make her mark on the music world while helping listeners find the strength they need to work at getting better.

Cristal B’s vocals open ‘My Therapist’ by telling us what her therapist thinks she should be doing. This is contrasted with what she feels like doing. The lightness of the opening verse slides into the building power of the vocal flow of the chorus. There is a musing feeling to the lyrics at times as they highlight the negatives that chip away at your mental health. While diving into the negatives, she slowly builds a strength inside your chest that helps you move on from these negatives. It is a very powerful performance that fills you with the strength to put in the hard work and overcome the bad.

Beneath her powerful and raw vocals, is a light piano line in the opening. The light notes of the piano add poignancy to the depressing thoughts that shine in the first verse. Chattering beats enter in the chorus to push a burst of strength into your soul. It is a really moving melody while still being stylistically simple. The light touches and sweeping washes allow the vocals to really shine and bolster the messaging of the track.

Cristal B unleashes a powerful anthem for those struggling with mental health through her debut ‘My Therapist’. The single combines a relatively simplistic melody with powerful and raw vocals that lead you to the strength you might not know you need. Through the vocals and lyrics, she acknowledges the negatives in life and strengthens your resolve to put the hard work in to overcome them.

Find out more about Cristal B on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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