Dr. Veers – Who Owns The Moon? (2020)

Originally formed by childhood friends Omar Al-Asadi and Dylan Forbes, Dr. Veers began as a 90s rock inspired duo.  Adopting a Nirvana-esque sound, Forbes and Al-Asadi performed under the name Free Callum Watt – a homage to their toaster stealing high school friend.  After relocating to Glasgow, they enlisted the services of Angus Rive as a bassist and songwriter.  After a final addition of drummer Mark Adam, Free Callum Watt became Dr. Veers.

Dr. Veers became a common name in the Glasgow underground scene known for their high-energy performances and flexibility.  While Forbes and Al-Asadi leaned towards grunge influences, Rive brought a more light-hearted pop element to the tracks.  Earlier in April 2020, the foursome released their debut album Who Owns The Moon?.  A four-track EP reminiscent of some of the larger 90s pop-rock bands like Weezer and Everclear. 

The EP begins with the title track ‘Who Owns The Moon?’ – a single with strong pop vibes and an excellent introduction to the band’s style.  No one person seems to have lead vocals, but it is rather an amalgamation of singers enhancing each other’s musical skills.  The bizarre lyrics capture a person’s questioning of their surroundings and need for more information.

‘Kafka (To Be Frank)’ is the second track off the EP and is evident of the Weezer generation, but the following track ‘Come and See’ demonstrates a diverging of styles.  Reminding me of UK indie-rock bands, it shows the diverse preferences of the band members and how they influence the release.  What I find enjoyable is the smooth transition from one to another.

Who Owns The Moon? ends with ‘Electrify’ which is a harder single with strong grunge influences.  The lead guitar is more evident in ‘Electrify’ with powerful riffs among rock hooks.  It is an ideal ending to the EP showing how unique Dr. Veers is with their adaptable sound to please all audiences.

“The band incorporate whatever noises they can force their guitars to make… paying homage to their personal heroes while forging a unique sound.” – Dr. Veers on Who Owns The Moon?

The EP was recorded by Stuart ‘Pockets’ Crout at the Noisy Pocket Recording Studio, mixed and mastered by well-known producer Andrea Wright.  While it was recorded beforehand, Who Owns The Moon? was released during lockdown for coronavirus.  It may not have been planned, but Who Owns The Moon? – particularly the title track – examines the frenzied nature of Glasgow accompanied with a sense of boredom from self-isolation. 

Before this date, I had no idea who Dr. Veers was.  In fact, I would have probably considered Dr. Veers as a medical practitioner.  I am glad I came across this Scottish quartet – now I have something to listen to during the lockdown.  You can find out more about this band on their Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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