Cullen the Great – Everyday (2020)

Are you in need of a subtle reminder that every day is new and the things we feel hold us back are just fractions of our past? If you do, Cullen the Great has just what you need in his single ‘Everyday’. Through this creative and upbeat song, he portrays the debate many have in their minds between doing more and getting down to work. Threaded into the soundscape is a refreshing message that tomorrow is a new day and you can try again.

While Cullen the Great was one of the founding members of rap group The Lavish Crew, he is taking a more pop turn for this song. Having spent years behind the boards of the music industry, he is hitting out on his own. Using his know-how, he has created a single that finds the balance between positive energy and darker emotions.

‘Everyday’ draws you in with the flow of the opening that is all guitar lines and wavering backing sounds. Some light hip-hop beats rise from the depths to get your head moving to the rhythm. There is a catchy vibe to the melody that you move your head to. The melodic flow is smooth and forms a light base for the vocals. Through the melody, you are given a sense that each day is fresh and you can approach them with a light feeling.

While the melody flows like a gentle stream, the vocals have a creative swing to them. The autotune edge gives them a hazy feeling before Cullen the Great hits you with rapped verses. The interplay between the melodic vocals and rap creates the mental debate that we all have at some point. Through the lyrics, you are thrown into the balance of positive energy and negative emotions. The chorus highlights the positive energy while the verses focus more on loneliness and other negatives.

Cullen the Great provides a subtle reminder that every day is new and you can always try again in ‘Everyday’. The smooth flow of the melody has you moving to the beats while creating a counterpoint to the vocals. There is a creative swing in the vocals that create a sonic debate between positive and negative emotions.

Find out more about Cullen the Great on his Facebook and Spotify.

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