Track of the Day: Tom Saint – Halloween XXXmas

Hot on the heels of his debut single ‘Thicker Than Water’, artist Tom Saint releases his groundbreaking track ‘Halloween XXXmas’. Hailing from London, England, Saint offers a unique emo meets hip-hop sound for the masses. Founded in 2020, Tom Saint may be considered the new kid on the block, but the elegance and sophistication of his music show a maturity beyond his twenty-something years.

Reminiscent of Danny Wright and Taking Back Sunday, but with elements of Evanescence, Eminem and Linkin Park, Tom Saint fuses hip-hop with emo in ‘Halloween XXXmas’. Working from personal experiences, Saint looks at relationships, mental health conditions and the journey we place ourselves on when the two combine. Using a haunting melody with what will become distinctive English-accented rap vocals, Saint embraces and invokes a sense of horror within, but with an underlying hopefulness.

“When you support someone emotionally it can become an all-consuming part of your life and I felt I owed it to her as she had also saved me in return. ‘Halloween XXXmas’ reflects on how volatile love can be when mental health issues are affecting you, your partner and the choices you both make.”

On another note, Tom Saint recently released an official music video for ‘Halloween XXXmas’. Filmed, recorded and produced independently by Saint, this is a stunning representation of the explored emotions in the single. Inspired by his favourite horror film Get Out, the video is a superb encapsulation of loneliness, isolation and anxiety in his “sunken place”. Capturing desperate pain with its burning Christmas Tree and personal reflection in the spooky woods, Saint demonstrates his innovativeness as a songwriter and videographer.

For more from Tom Saint check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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