Joesix – Beauty Queen (2020)

Taking inspiration from some classic 90s songs, Joesix tells the tale of trying to find the perfect woman in ‘Beauty Queen’. As the single walks the path of this quest, it also expresses the belief that you will never be good enough for her once you find her. Through the lyrics, he offers a plea to give the relationship a chance but entwines this with the disappointment that it is all moot and doomed to failure.

Using an upbeat and funky sound, Joesix draws on past relationships for the misery of the track. However, the summery vibe of the music offers a positive boost to help you put your cares behind you. The distinct sound he has crafted over the years blends RnB, soul and funk for a fiendishly lively sonic experience.

‘Beauty Queen’ grabs your attention with a warbling opening that gives way to lively beats. There is a unique and interesting melding of melodic elements. The warbling tones of the opening continue to come and go throughout the single while the funky beats grab your head and get it moving. Together they create an almost chilled summer vibe. You feel the need to lightly move to the beat, but you can also imagine the song playing in the background while you relax in the summer sun.

As you move, Joesix pulls you into the search for the perfect woman. His hip-hop style vocals have a great flow to them as you are engaged in the search and eventual realisation that you might not be good enough for the woman you find. His vocals have an upbeat vibe to them filled with positivity as he searches for someone. This does take a swing to a more sombre realisation that the relationship could be doomed to fail.

Joesix searches for the perfect woman while realising that he might not be good enough for her in ‘Beauty Queen’. The upbeat vibes of the track fill you with a summery feeling while you gently move to the beats. His vocals are emotive and engaging continuing the good vibes of the melody.

Find out more about Joesix on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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