Cxl Mxck – Mushroom Treatment (2020)

After gaining the attention of the UK indie music scene with his feature on BBC Introducing Merseyside, 21-year-old Cxl Mxck is making waves with his single ‘Mushroom Treatment’. Merging pop-rock, indie-rock and alternative rock (all the rocks really), the singer-songwriter is breeding a unique sound for the masses. Although one would assume the dyed hair, tongue-pierced gent would appeal to younger audiences, his tracks have an intensity and diversity that would captivate anyone.

With the power of Green Day and the intimacy of Tom Odell, ‘Mushroom Treatment’ smacks of dynamic melodies bound with sentimental lyricism. Speaking from personal experiences, Cxl Mxck hits on the issues of isolation, frustration and anxiety opening the path to discuss depression. With the aim of normalising mental health conditions, ‘Mushroom Treatment’ uses an impassioned sincerity to engage with listeners.

While this track may be relevant on any day of the week with depression growing as one of the largest mental health conditions in the UK, it seems far more relatable considering society’s struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic. What I find intriguing about Cxl Mxck’s music, beyond the significant lyrical content, is the English-inflexion of his vocals. With brusque, brash and almost gritty vocals, there is an interesting emphasis on the difficult feelings of ignorance and loneliness.

For more from Cxl Mxck check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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