Unredeemer – 4-19-23 (2020)

There are a lot of events that create a strong emotional response whether cold anger or abundant energy. Some of these events have been captured and moulded using cold Finnish precision and fiery Croatian tempers for 4-19-23 by Unredeemer. The EP takes four events, draws on the emotions they evoke and crashes them into your speakers or headphones.

Pekka Paasikivi (guitar), Mika Nisu Niskaala (guitar), Jari Parkkinen (bass), Tuomo Ijäs (drums) and Saša Pul (vocals) are the musical craftsmen turning emotions into sound. They came together at the end of 2018 after Pul responded to an ad for a vocalist on a local music portal after moving to Finland from Croatia. Since then, they have been combining their temperaments and music for an unforgettable listening experience.

The EP starts with the vibrations of ‘Defiance’ which is inspired by an article about photos of people facing death with a smile. The vibrating tone of the music has an edge of darkness to it before tumbling into crashing drums and guitars. The pounding of the music has a feeling of fiery temper like you are unapologetically facing someone. There is a great march to the music that pushes you ever forward before Pul’s death metal vocals come in. The depth of this performance has a resolution and resilience in it that gives you the strength to face anything that comes.

The title track ‘4-19-23’ looks at two harrowing stories that took place in Croatia over a short span of time. The song wastes no time getting to the nitty-gritty of the vocals as the guitars pound in the back. Pul uses captivating metal lyricism to tell the story of these tragic events. In the background, the guitar gets a frantic feeling as it runs at full tilt before crashing into darkness. If you are looking for a track that has lyrical and emotive depth with music that pounds through your chest for the best metal experience, this is it.

‘Underdog’ has a more melodic flow to the opening before you tap into the Pul’s own story of going from poor Croatia to building a family and career in Finland. This motivating tale is brought down to earth with a sense of being looked down on in certain situations that is felt through the thrashing guitar. Pul’s vocals continue their emotive metal screams while making you want to call out with him. The combination of the paced metal guitars with the lyrics and the emotive slice of his vocals have you reeling in the best way possible.

The EP comes to its thundering end with ‘Deadrionette’ which looks at being a puppet for influencers and doing what they tell you without thinking it over. There is a more hard rock feeling to the opening of the track before the guitars flutter into metal. The progressive movement of the melody is skilfully executed while Pul’s vocals are an aggressive shove at the world of influences and their blind followers. As the song progresses, the pace of the music thuds against your chest and has your head banging to it.

Unredeemer take events that cause strong emotional responses and turn them into an enthralling thrashing with their EP 4-19-23. Each track throws you into a different story as you get swept up in the crashing guitars and metal vocals. If you are looking for an EP that combines fiery tempers with precise metal arrangement, this is the one that will find its home on your playlists.

Find out more about Unredeemer on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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