DAAY – First Light (2021)

The dawn of a new day brings a certain optimism with it if you are willing to embrace it. This optimism is woven into the rejuvenating and positive single ‘First Light’ by DAAY. A statement of optimism for the future of the planet and the human race, the single uses a new day as a metaphor for new life and beginnings.

A follow-up to their smashing debut single ‘Mama’, the band continues their blending of rock and pop with some experimental sounds. Add in some powerful saxophone lines with strong lyricism and you get the undeniable sounds of the band. The single will also have you chomping at the bit for their debut EP which is scheduled for release this year.

‘First Light’ draws you into a soaring opening with a rather epic guitar line. There is a wonderful easiness to the melody that brings the imagery of light breaking over the horizon to mind. The swirling tones that come in later have a light psychedelic edge to them that offers a haziness like the sun trying to reach through morning mists. The relaxing flow of the music continues throughout the single and puts you in a great place. The space it creates lets you sit back and relax as the positive waves of the music and vocals wash over you. The sax that comes in is subtle yet captivating as it forms a plush layer for you to fall onto.

The vocals continue the hazy easiness of the melody as they lap against your ears. The performance helps you breathe easily and seems to take a weight off your shoulders. When the vocals rise for the high notes, you are swept up in a swell of positivity and optimism. The use of metaphors in the lyrics are as subtle as that saxophone line as they bring good vibes with them.

DAAY has you relaxing into a plush soundscape while awash with positivity and subtle metaphors in ‘First Light’. The easiness of both the music and vocals takes a weight off your shoulders and leaves you feeling good about the future. If you are looking for an easy single that lifts your spirits, this is the one for you.

Find out more about DAAY on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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