Veronica’s Boyfriend – Angel (2021)

Veronica’s Boyfriend is tapping into personal experiences for an overly dramatic teen romance with ‘Angel’. The third song in the story, it hits you with some serious 80s nostalgia vibes with post-punk and new wave tones. Set in South Wales in the late 80s, the single tells part of a true story that will have you thinking back to your own youth.

This trip down teen drama lane comes from Thom Bleasdale, a former Abbey Road Studios engineer. While he has been in bands since age 14, he has now retired due to poor health but it has not stopped his creativity. While his illness prevents him from playing his guitar at times, he has powered through to create a charming soundscape that is honest and authentic.

‘Angel’ hits you with some 80s synth from the first moment. The synths draw you into the single while the beats have you shimmying to them. The melody has a rather infectious hook that gets into your brain and will not stop tugging at it. There are a few layers to the melody that come together to fill you with neon lights. The synths are a rich nostalgic river of sound that draws you through the buffering of the guitar while the drums form a solid foundation for the music. There is something so captivating about the melody that you could easily listen to it again and again.

While you are swept up in the synth hit of the melody, the vocals grab your hand to draw you into the drama of the lyrics. Bleasdale’s vocals are smooth and add to the 80s vibes of the single. His gentle tenor is emotive as he works through a realisation of falling in love and the anxiety of telling someone this. You can easily imagine this single as part of an 80s teen movie where the main character realises he is in love.

Veronica’s Boyfriend takes you back in time for a dose of teen drama, falling in love and neon lights in ‘Angel’. The single hooks you with the nostalgic melody that is packed with synths and captivating guitar tones. Bleasdale’s vocals add to the retro vibes while filling you with the emotions of young love.

Find out more about Veronica’s Boyfriend on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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