Kass Rose Gold – Joy Ride (2021)

For quality pop, the devil’s in the details. Why? The answer may sound simple but getting to that answer there is a complex process that involves raw talent, inventiveness, and working damn hard to come up with something that really stands out. With San Diego, California artist Kass Rose Gold and her latest EP we got one such case in point. 

First of all, Gold has taken up the task to recall that late 90s/ early 2000s line in smooth soul and R&B stripping it of the details and nuances brought in in the last decade or so and then trying to give it her personal stamp. Think danced-up versions of D’Angelo, Maxwell and early Solange, or should we say the more pop/dance-oriented streaks of such artists, and then given the thoroughly updated treatment.

Add to that the fact that Gold has written, performed and sang all five tracks here, except the guitar and some additional vocals, and you can grasp the complexity of the job she had in front of her. Throughout, she passes the test in practically flying colours. 

From the opening ‘Run’ to closing ‘WYA’ and particularly the ‘Forbidden Love,’ probably the key track here, Gold shows what quality pop should sound like, and comes up with something quite close to her last name – gold.

…I found inspiration from a past relationship; being strung along by someone during a global pandemic took me to some really dark places. Thankfully, I found solace in the creation of this music. It was as if, no matter how dark or hopeless things seemed to get, I found such gratitude in the fact that I had this gift of music to be able to make light of any situation – global or otherwise.” – Kass Rose Gold on ‘Joy Ride’

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