Damn Good Liars – Damn Good Liars EP

Inspired by artists like The Kills, Troy Van Leeuwen, Portishead and Garbage, Damn Good Liars is a UK-based trio with a unique sound. Despite having only started releasing music this year, Ian Turner, Steve Jenner and Ellis Turner are already grabbing people’s attention. Featured on Amazing Radio, Rage FM, Testicanzoni and The Other Side Reviews (that’s us!), Damn Good Liars turning heads across the globe. Following their well-received debut single ‘Station Wagon Motel Chic’, the threesome release Damn Good Liars.

A four-track EP, the self-titled release showcases the group’s innovativeness and versatility as artists. Ranging from the indie-rock ‘Station Wagon Motel Chic’ to the grunge ballad ‘Unworthy’, Damn Good Liars prove they do not adhere to genres and must not be pigeonholed. Yet, there is one element that remains consistent throughout the songs – it’s all passionate and soul-stirring.

Beginning with the independently released track ‘Station Wagon Motel Chic’ (read our review here), Damn Good Liars drag you into an electric swirl of sound. The upbeat joviality of ‘Station Wagon Motel Chic’ has a hazy ambience, but this is quite set-off with the powerful guitar riffs and dynamic guitars. The group immediately shows a cheeky, buoyant side with this track; however, they quickly show flexibility with a descent into Radiohead-esque grunge in ‘I’m Not A Psychopath’.

With a palpable heaviness, the second track uses guitars, drums and steady vocals to explore sonic grittiness. A somewhat listless ambience, ‘I’m Not A Psychopath’ is a journey through the distorted mind of, well, a psychopath. Traipsing through a dark and grimy melody, the trio expertly matches the lyricism with the sound. Yet, they are not done traversing genres as we hit “grunge ballad” ‘Unworthy’ and ‘Tobacco Lips’.

Choosing my favourite track is always difficult but I believe ‘Tobacco Lips’ takes the cake. Inserting an indie-rock element into the grunge melody, ‘Tobacco Lips’ represents Damn Good Liars’ “British rock roots with a transatlantic sensibility” – their words, not mine. A sleazy sensuality plays across the guitars, drums and Turner’s vocals prompting a sly edginess in their music. Damn Good Liars is an awesome four-track EP and will have you begging for more.

For more from Damn Good Liars check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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