Daniella Spadini – 7:30 (2021)

Daniella Spadini is directly addressing a lover who has left her heartbroken in ‘7:30’. Mixing vulnerability with the desire to burn whatever is left of their love regardless of the consequences, she unleashes the emotions that many of us have faced. Her haunting vocals will leave you reeling from the wave of emotion she infuses into the track.

While Spadini infuses her playful wit into her music, she sears through your soul with her emotive, vulnerable and authentic lyricism. She has been writing music for as long as she can remember and started performing as a teen in a cover band. While the band was fairly successful, she felt the pull of her songwriting and left to focus on her own music. Since then, she has attended Berklee College of Music on scholarship and has been making music that hooks you to her sound.

‘7:30’ uses a steady melody to draw you into the direct address of the lyrics. The light pulses of the melody give way to a tender piano line. The melody has a softness that highlights the emotive lyrics and vulnerable vocals. The light touch of the piano drives the melody forward and fills you with the melancholy of the track. When the drums enter, they are as gentle as the piano while shivering tones skitter over the higher levels. The melody fills you with the feeling of sitting in a room and thinking about everything you want to say while the afternoon sun fades away. All of this comes to a head toward the end of the track with a rise in the melody.

The tenderness of the melody is met by Spadini’s vocals. There is a vulnerable feeling to them as she addresses a past lover and lays her sadness on the line. Through the first verse, she lets out how she was excited about meeting up and the pain of being let down. The chorus is packed with heart-wrenching emotion as she reaches into your chest and squeezes your heart. As the song continues, she gets progressively gets angrier with the person and unleashes this with a touch of pain. As the music swings with the electronic guitar, there is a punch to her vocals but that does nothing to reduce the pain. 

Daniella Spadini unleashes the pain of heartbreak and being let down by a lover through the vulnerable and heart wrenching tones of ‘7:30’. From start to finish, the single is drenched in pain that squeezes your chest and fills your senses. Spadini’s haunting vocals slowly build with anger but this is all underpinned by a bone-deep pain that will not move.

Find out more about Daniella Spadini on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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