Darcy – Faithful (2021)

Raised in a musical household, singer-songwriter Darcy had music in her veins from Day 1. At age four, she performed with her parents in their award-winning country band. At age 8, she sang for 80,000 people at the Fourth of July concert in New York. Featured on ABC’s show ‘What Would You Do?’ and with her parents on PBS, Darcy reached a national audience rather quickly. Featured on FV Music Blog and several online radios, she is now reaching a global audience. With a reputation for moving melodies and engaging lyrics, Darcy adds ‘Faithful’ to her discography.

One of the lead songs off Darcy’s recent album, ‘Faithful’ is a heartwarming ballad reminiscent of Demi Lovato and Lana Del Rey. An acoustic track using only piano and vocals, the track has a stark and raw quality. Touching on abusive relationships, heartache, isolation and devastation, Darcy shows a complex concept despite the simplistic sound.

“About five years ago I was in an abusive relationship that completely broke me down. When I found out I was cheated on the first time I though my world was ending. I wrote this song after I had been cheated on a second time and had finally gathered the strength to leave… This song was almost like my way of saying everything I wanted to say to him.” – Darcy on ‘Failthful’

Using a personal narrative, Darcy effortlessly engages with listeners; however, it is the tone and timbre that make the song spellbinding. The piano certainly strikes a chord, but it is the execution of vulnerable lyricism that makes the track soul-stirring. Darcy adds tenderness to ‘Faithful’ with haunting vocals that speak existential truths in a slightly ethereal way.

Filled with vulnerability and painful sentimentality, ‘Faithful’ is a desolate soundscape for those who have been wronged. Yet, while there is a painful honesty in the lyrics Darcy’s smooth voice inserts hopefulness and empowerment. Beautiful in its simplicity, the track serpentinely slithers into your brain, reverberates down your spine and leaves you shuddering with tears in your eyes.

For more from Darcy check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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