Barney Barnett – No Favours (2021)

Everyone faces a time when they need a little help to get through, but there are many people who don’t want to accept the help offered. Barney Barnett considers these people who are too proud to accept help through his single ‘No Favours’. To the addictive rock melody, he adds a blast of sax for a soundscape that takes a different turn from anything else.

This difference is what caused him to strike out on his own after gaining experience playing across Europe with various bands. While he has been writing music for a while, it was only during lockdown that he got the logistics right for his solo release. With the help of Dan Gribble (guitar) and Huw Marc Bennet (bass), he brings his unique sound to your ears.

‘No Favours’ has a very easy rock opening that draws you in with the guitars. There is a flowing feeling to the music that forms an ocean of sound that you float on. The melody has a traditional rock foundation to it that brings a sense of familiarity. This takes a complete turn when that saxophone finally hits. There is an enthralling energy to the sax solo that has you smiling and closing your eyes to get the full effect. The combination of this solo with the rock melody hits you with a strange sense of familiarity and the unknown.

Barnett’s vocals carry the rock energy of the melody as they smoothly slide across your ears. The lyrics are a gentle confrontation with people who are too proud to ask for help. Through the rock stylings of the performance, you feel the emotions of the track creep up on you. His vocals are as easy to rest in as the melody making this a wonderful song overall.

Barney Barnett gently confronts people who are too proud to accept help in the wonderful rock tones of ‘No Favours’. The melody has a sense of familiarity to it before the saxophone hits for a unique sweeping solo. Barnett’s vocals have an easy slide to them as you work through the lyrics.

Find out more about Barney Barnett on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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