Memphis Stone and the Elevators – Realign (2021)

Memphis Stone and the Elevators use an energetic rock soundscape to bring a dark single to life. Their single ‘Realign’ tells the story of a brooding, dark and unrequited obsession a man has with a woman and his struggle to come to terms with rejection. Through the infectious tones of the single, you are drawn into his struggle with being overlooked and the dark thoughts that swirl through his mind.

The single is an epic come back for Memphis Stone who inexplicably vanished from the music scene in 2001. Only a chance meeting with Tom Weaver and Lenny Bonetti in 2019 encouraged the legendary singer to reform the band and release new music. Produced during lockdown, the single is a sign of what to expect with the upcoming album.

‘Realign’ hooks you with the pulsing guitars of the opening that bring a burst of energy to your ears. There is a great energy to the music that has your foot tapping to the rhythm. The pounding drums bound through your chest while the guitar line thrums against your ears. There is something utterly addictive about the music that you get pulled into. At times, there are these vibrating dark tones that enhance the obsession of the lyrics.

Stone’s vocals bring this dark bluesy vibe to the music that has just the right touch of rock. The energy in his performance matches the melody and has you bouncing off the walls. The lyrics wash you with a brooding feeling that rests over an understanding that what you are feeling is not completely healthy. While there is a darkness in the track, there is also a sense of light as you are filled with the realisation that things are not right. The chorus has you singing along while working through the struggles of the narrative.

Memphis Stone and the Elevators are back with a vengeance using addictive rock melodies and bluesy rock vocals to get you bouncing to their groove in ‘Realign’. The dark narrative of the track covers a realisation that things are wrong and the struggle to overcome rejection. The infectious energy of the single punches through you from the first anthemic tone to the very last.

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