Dareo Knott – On My Mind (2020)

Adding a raw twist to elements of 90s RnB, Dareo Knott is looking at the trials and tribulations of relationships in ‘On My Mind’. Through the high and low harmonies of the song, you are slowly brought to the conclusion that your reputation and damage catches up with you. The story in the lyrics is clearly painted and set to a stark lucidity that allows you to open your eyes to reality.

Dramatic storytelling is a talent Knott has been honing for years. His studies have taken him from Pendleton Performing Arts Academy to The British and Irish Modern Music Institute. Drawing on his roots of RnB and throwing in a splash of pop and soul, he has really raised the bar with this single.

‘On My Mind’ has a groovy opening that draws you in with this easy guitar line. This shifts into some RnB beats that shuffle against your senses, but retains the easiness of the opening. The melody has a very laid-back flow to it. The strings that pop up from the back of the melody are interesting and adds this little boost to the lyrics.

The easiness of the melody flows through the vocals as well. Knott’s falsetto on the chorus is so well done that it sends you soaring to new heights with him. The RnB flow of his vocals complements the melody and when the strings hit, he accompanies it with this blast of sound. His smooth flow draws you into the lyrics and the story you are being told. You can also hear the emotions in each note as he questions the twisting relationship.

Dareo Knott has you sliding on an easy melody and grooving to his vocals with ‘On My Mind’. The track is backed with RnB flows that captivate you from start to finish. The smoothness of the track wraps around you and gently pulls you through the story of the lyrics.

Find out more about Dareo Knott on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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