Donnie Wilde – Ammo (2020)

The Black Lives Matter movement has touched a lot of people and Donnie Wilde is one of them. Influenced by the killing of Sean Bell, he wrote his latest single ‘Ammo’ as a way to raise awareness of the matter. Through this single, he hopes to support Black Lives Matter and other organisations that fight hate crime and discrimination.

The single was created in his home studio and filled with his emotions on the topic. All the proceeds from the single will be donated to Stop Hate UK which is one of the leading organisations fighting discrimination and hate crimes in the UK.

The deep opening of ‘Ammo’ sets the sad tone of the track. The beats when they hit have a deep sadness to them that is enhanced by the almost wailing notes that cut through the background. There is an almost unending grief to this track which is more poignant when you consider the backstory. The depth of the melody has you sinking into the misery of the song and allows it to creep into your soul.

This is enhanced by Wilde’s vocals which are deep and carry this hint of depression at the state of things. His smooth baritone creeps into your veins with the melody in a way that is almost indescribable. The emotional hit you get from this track is unparalleled and touches on the essence of the topic.

Donnie Wilde wraps you in a sense of sadness through his deep and grief-stricken single ‘Ammo’. Every element of the track works together to touch a place deep in your heart and will not leave once the song ends.

Find out more about Donnie Wilde on his Instagram and Spotify.

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