Plastic Sun – I’m Too Tired (2020)

Plastic Sun continues their look into mental health with the single ‘I’m Too Tired’. Focussing on feeling exhausted with life, the song takes you through a hazy and dreamy landscape. Through these feelings, you are led to a sense of liberation where you stop caring because you are just too tired. Using a limbo effect, the soundscape throws you into the time between sleeping and being awake.

Over the last year, Joshua Woo (vocals, bass, guitar, keys), Alessandro Melchior (guitar, synths) and Keir Adamson (drums, percussion) have crossed genres while building their signature sound. They continue this journey of musical discovery with this single.

‘I’m Too Tired’ draws you into the hazy time between sleep and wakefulness using a warbling synth that gives way to a driving beat and guitar. You can feel the floating sensation where you don’t feel quite awake yet through the melody. The haziness of melody continues throughout the track to form a dreamscape for the lyrics to float through. While the melody could have taken a very dark turn to portray the tiredness of the lyrics, the dreamy and hazy route is more effective with the band’s sound.

Woo’s vocals continue the haziness set forth by the melody. The reverb in the lower layers of the melody seem to send the vocals to a higher level. This makes it easy to slip into the lyrics and the tiredness they portray. The combination of different elements in the song makes it very easy to connect with because we have all felt that creeping tiredness at some point.

Plastic Sun considers the exhaustion with life that many people feel in their single ‘I’m Too Tired’. As part of their look at mental health, the single offers a liberation through the hazy and dreamy soundscape.

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