Super Fëmmes – Guilty Pleasure (2022)

Super Fëmmes are riding the waves they created with their debut single and are set to cause further musical ripples with ‘Guilty Pleasure’. This newly written single continues the group’s powerful and edgy, yet glamorous, pop sound as they blur the lines between musical influences. With a heavier vocal dance vibe to the single, it catches you in the addictive pop vibes and makes you want to move to its flow.

This supergroup was formed in 2021 and consists of 90s pop icons Emilia, Miio, DeDe Lopez and Therese Grankvist. They got together to create music that spans the pop spectrum and, with only a debut single under their belts, are already catching people’s attention. The energy and passion that has been infused into this single lets you know why they are booked for the large Swedish festival Vi som älskar 90-talet.

‘Guilty Pleasure’ sparkles with a high tone through the opening. There is a dance vibe woven into the melody from the first moment, that slowly starts to make its way into your veins to get you moving. While there is a clear dance edge to the track, this is woven into a glittering pop sensibility. The pulsing beats push you forward into the dancing movement, before everything evaporates and rises like glitter on the wind. With this melodic arrangement, the single has you in a moving dance vibe from start to finish, while transporting you into a glamourous pop world.

While the melody is sure to get you dancing to its rhythm and moving down the soundscape, it is the group’s vocals that bring this extra something to the song. As the vocals enter the single, they bring a traditional dance-pop sound with them. The harmonised vocals rise, leading you to the chorus that is all party vibes, as the group comes together to hit you with a serious moving vibe. You can easily imagine this song blaring out in a club, with the people packing the dancefloor, shouting out with the chorus. Each member of the group gets a chance for their vocals to shine, with the rap in the latter part of the single adding a wonderful new texture. There is a slightly retro vibe to the performance, but this is wrapped up in serious dance energy.

Super Fëmmes have you moving to their sound from the start of ‘Guilty Pleasure’ to the very end, as they blur the lines of pop and dance. From the first note, there is a shimmering light that fills the soundscape with moving energy that only becomes more powerful as the single progresses. The vocals bring a new hit of energy, while smoothly harmonising and allowing each member a chance to shine.

Find out more about Super Fëmmes on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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