Emma Miller – Honey (2020)

Many people turn to music for a cathartic release after a negative experience. This includes the musicians creating the songs we all turn to. Emma Miller is one of these musicians as she wrote her latest single ‘Honey’ after a breakup. While this experience was the instigator for the track, the lyrics transcend these situations and offers an uplifting experience for anyone suffering from heartache.

Evoking a sense of warmth and nostalgia, the single captures what Miller can bring to the table. She has spent the last two years diligently working on her songwriting skills and building up her music. Creating the music she wants, Miller captivates you and fills you with anticipation for her upcoming EP.

Miller’s vocals capture you from the first second of ‘Honey’. Her dulcet tones gently wrap around you as she draws you into the lyrics. There is something relaxing about her performance that also brings up a well of nostalgia. While this welling emotion could drench you in sadness, the melodic tones of her vocals lift you and leave you with warm embers sitting in your chest. There is an acceptance of the bad within the song while resolving the dark emotions that comes with this.

While the vocals are the shining point of the single, they are enhanced by the calming melody. The piano lines have this lightness to them as they form a foundation for the track. The guitar notes that come and go have this wonderful intricacy yet simplicity to them. The laid-back drums meld with the other melodic elements to shuffle across your senses.

While Emma Miller fills you with nostalgia in ‘Honey’ she also sets a warm ember of positivity in your chest. This laid-back single perfectly combines soft piano lines with shuffling drums and artistic guitar lines overlaid by Miller’s soothing vocals. It is a gentle single that you can easily listen to at any time.

Find out more about Emma Miller on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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