David J – March Feels (2021)

There are certain times of year that seem to challenge you in ways the rest of the year doesn’t. This is something that David J faces in the month of March and that he has turned into the authentic and vulnerable ‘March Feels’. An aptly titled track, it explores not only the emotions he feels during the month but the melodic registry and production.

Through the single, he strips back layers to reveal his vulnerable core. This mixes wonderfully with the natural warmth of David J’s music. Through his music, he also embraces the beauty of imperfection and calls for all of us to do the same. With a sound that embraces you like open arms, he fills you with the curiosity and strength to be open with others.

David J’s vocals open ‘March Feels’ with a tender vulnerability. Through the softness of his performance, you can feel a sense of unease in opening up the layers he has created around himself. There is a touch of melancholy in his voice as he slides into a reflection on life and his place in the world. The soulful flow of his performance is soft and touching as it reaches into your chest and squeezes. It is wonderfully emotive and has you really feeling the emotional vulnerability of the track and feel that you are opening up with him.

Under his emotive performance is a really smooth and rich melody. The piano line is soft as it combines with his vocals to pull you in. This shivers into a contemporary soul arrangement that is so rich you feel like you can sink into it. While rather sumptuous, there is this forward movement to the melody that has you travelling along the soundscape. Every aspect of the melody wraps around you like a soulful mist embracing every part of your spirit.

David J is revealing his vulnerabilities, thoughts and emotions through the soulful and melancholic flows of ‘March Feels’. There is a richness to the melody that perfectly combines with the soulfulness of his vocals. Through all of this, he reaches into your chest to squeeze your heart and fill you with the emotions he effortlessly infuses into the track.

Find out more about David J on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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