Triple Engine – Love Thing (2020)

If you are stuck in a negative mindset, Triple Engine is here to help. Their debut single ‘Love Thing’ is not the love song the title makes you think it is. Instead, it is a positive spin on sharing the load, staying on target and working together. The positive lyrics of the single combine with the crunching guitars to fill you with an upbeat vibe.

The power trio (Chris Gibbs, Craig Skelton and Dan Skelton) behind the music are really flexing their rhythmic muscles on this single. The newly formed band has created a relatable track with a fun music video. If you are looking to get out of the blues, this could be a good place to start.

‘Love Thing’ has a very soft opening that gently draws you in. The pleasant guitars lead you to equally soft vocal harmonies. This sets a slightly false sense of the single as the crunchy guitars make their appearance. While more rock than the opening, they are not harsh and smoothly infiltrate your senses. The melody has this thumping rhythm to it that you can’t help but move your head to. Throughout the song are these awesome riffs that make you smile and really get into the track.

While the melody is getting you into the groove of the song, the vocals are a real treat. Sung as a type of duet, the vocal performance is shared and the harmonies from the start make an appearance throughout. The shared performance draws you into the lyrics which are bursting with positive energy. The harmonies are also something that you might find yourself singing along to.

The music video for the track has the band set up as mechanics. It is a fun video to watch and is as infused with positive vibes as the song itself. The relative simplicity of the video adds to the entertainment value and you will find yourself smiling as you watch it. You can also see how much fun the band has playing and their passion for music.

Triple Engine is drowning you in good vibes with their debut single ‘Love Thing’. While the melody is packed with guitar riffs and groovy rhythms, the shared vocals add a little something extra. The music video is also super fun to watch and packed with all the good vibrations that you need.

Find out more about Triple Engine on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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