Track of the Day: groan room – tesco roof

Driven by the angst and frustration felt during your mid to late 20s, groan room is a sonic representation of early adulting. Formed at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK-based foursome blasted onto the scene in 2020 with ‘get off’. From there, they received critical acclaim for three more singles and their self-titled debut EP. Featured on Nexus Music Blog, Roadie Music, Edgar Allan Poets, Sinusoidal Music and York Calling (to name but a few), groan room is building a loyal following worldwide. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘tesco roof’.

Moving from their upbeat, indie-pop meets indie-rock single ‘greasy thumbs’ (read our review here), groan room adds a slower, steadier and darker quality to their sound. Reminiscent of Radiohead, the lads make way for an intimate intensity in an atmospheric soundscape. The melodic arrangement has a harmonic interplay of distorted guitars and drums fused into a hushed flow. Cinematic with its shoegaze melody, groan room set listeners adrift on a glistening sonic river unaware of the tumultuous waves beneath.

Described by the band as a tribute to their favourite slow-core/shoegaze bands, ‘tesco roof’ has a retro sound; however, groan room retains its eclecticism with a contemporary indie edge. What I enjoy about ‘tesco roof’ is not the fuzzy bubble it places you in, but how complexity is woven into sentimental simplicity. Nostalgic, reflective and soul-stirring, the track explores human vulnerability making you ponder things with its profoundness, while also lying back to just listen to the music. I’ll admit it brought a tear to my eye.

While their haunting tapestry of sound carries you away, groan room showcases their versatility with a bold outro. Distorted guitars add texture to the track with a looping movement; however, it is the drum solo that brings the boldness. Explosive, minimalistic and abrupt, the drumming ends the song with that “well, that’s the way things are” attitude.

For more from groan room check out their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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