David McGeary – HERE (2021)

David McGeary is taking listeners on a journey through the decisions we make on a daily basis in the concept EP HERE. From the starting point of a journey through the realisation that things are not as you thought they would be and ending with acceptance, the EP reflects all the choices we make in life. Drawing on both the grand and minuscule choices that are taken each day, he chronicles the journey with beautiful precision.

Through his unique and atmospheric sound, McGeary is able to transport you into the immersive world of his music. With soothing rhythms and expansive soundscapes, he showcases his multi-instrumentalism. His years of experience also shine through the tight arrangements and chilled vibes that resonate through his music.

The EP opens with ‘Somewhere’ which slowly pulls you into the soundscape only for an increase in tempo to hook you. The melody has a lightness to it that fills you with positive vibes and a sense of optimism. The bounding drums have an uncontrollable energy that fills you with bursting lights. The vocals are an airy layer hovering lightly over the melody adding a gentle tone to the song. The guitar riff that comes in later is all energy and a sense of awakening to something new and exciting. The song acts as the perfect opening salvo of the journey that is the EP.

‘Anywhere’ has a deeper feeling to the music that comes through from the start with a deeper beat and some sombre tones. As the melody bubbles and tumbles against your ears, you get the feeling that there is a big decision coming up. Like the opening track, the vocals are a hazy upper layer but they also have a darker feeling on this song. Through the movement of the music, you are led to a sense that what you thought was good is not actually as you imagine.

The opening moments of ‘Nowhere’ are a perfect continuation of the last seconds of ‘Anywhere’. The bubbling of the melody meets a dance-style shuffle that really gets your shoulders moving. There is a beautiful layering to the melody of this track as you have the beats pushing you forward while the bubbling higher tones bring a new sense of awareness. Through the instrumentation, you feel a sense of acceptance settle in your chest as you understand that this is what life is like now. This is rather subtle as you don’t realise your senses are settling until everything is in place.

David McGeary takes you on a journey through life in the tight arrangements of HERE. Through the three tracks, you feel a positive blossoming of opportunities that turns into the realisation that things are not always as they seem. This all comes to a close with an acceptance of how life as it is now that settles in your chest.

Find out more about David McGeary on his Instagram and Spotify.

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