The Duke of Randwick – DAWN (2021)

While diverting from their usual traditional rock sound, The Duke of Randwick is issuing a call to arms for a hero’s journey. ‘DAWN’ combines the raw energy of a live rock band with the electronic tones of acts such as The Prodigy and Massive Attack. Through the pulsing sounds, the band leads listeners to an existential war for the soul and an awakening from a life spent waiting.

The three-piece band from Sydney stay true to their rock roots while embracing something a little different in this song. As they get you fired up for an epic journey, they have you grooving to a dancing vibe. A wonderful meshing of rock and dance, the track shakes up your insides while filling you with a motivating energy.

‘DAWN’ softly vibrates through the opening to creep into your senses and lead you further into the track. This progressive opening is like an awakening that works perfectly with the messaging of the track. The electronic tones that skitter across the darker depths start to get your heart rate up before a real dance hit bursts through. You can’t help but move your head to these beats as their infectious movement hooks into you. The rock guitars of the band rise from the depths and meet the drums for a perfect fusion of dance, EDM and rock.

When the vocals enter, they rise with the beats to tap against your skull. There is an electronic edge to them that does not overshadow the raw organic vibes of the band. The vocals really bring the live rock band vibe of the song to life while calling out to your spirit. As the song progresses, the combination of driving beats and vocals that speak to a part of you long dormant have you going a little crazy. You are going to feel like moving like a crazy person while giving yourself up to the movement of the music.

The Duke of Randwick combine their rock sensibilities with danceable beats for the extremely engaging ‘DAWN’. As the melody has you vibrating the vocals call you to arms and have you wanting to go forth into the world. The single is like a wake-up call to parts of your inner self that have long been dormant.

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