David Ost – Fire in Alaska (2020)

David Ost painted a cinematic picture with his single ‘The Deep End’ that got us hooked to his alt-pop sound. He is back with ‘Fire In Alaska’ which continues his cinematic journey in all its vivid glory. Telling the tale of confrontation in a relationship that is doomed to fail, he delves deeper into the overarching relationship between humans and nature. Linking the easily relatable to a bigger picture, he touches on how the fall of this larger relationship affects our daily lives.

While the music itself paints a vivid mental picture, the accompanying music video brings the subject matter to visual life. Working with filmmaker Florin Nick and actors Luisa Ofelia Montero de la Rose and Hugh Burgess, Ost’s first-ever music video is a treat for your eyes.

Ost’s vocals hit you from the start of ‘Fire in Alaska’. His smooth vocals paint the opening images of the cinematic story of the track. While the lyrics set out the tale of a confrontation between a man and women, you can hear there is something more going on. The flow of his performance is amazing and utterly captivating as you are drawn further and further into his soundscape. He is able to easily place you within the lyrics while infusing the emotions of the track into your soul. The high notes of his performance send you soaring while the overall vibe of his vocals is grounding.

As his vocals delve deep, the melody has these almost plucky notes that get your attention. There are a lot of layers to the melody that work together to form the cinematic flow of the music. Each melodic line acts as an integral part of the setting as well as the journey you take through the song. The beats that pulse from the depths get you moving to them while you get lost in the experience of the track.

The accompanying music video wonderfully captures the story within the lyrics as well as the deeper meaning of the song. There are scenes where you are thrown into the happy memories of the couple only to flow into the sadder moments of a relationship doomed to fail. There is a wonderful beauty to the video that showcases the prowess of Florin Nick and his ability to capture the essence of the music.

David Ost delves into the overarching relationship of humans and nature through the conflict in a relationship doomed to fail in ‘Fire in Alaska’. His vocals keep you captivated from the first moment as he takes you through the highs and lows of the emotional journey of the lyrics. The accompanying music video is a cinematic wonder that perfectly captures the essence of the single.

Find out more about David Ost on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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