Day & Dream – Cabin Fever (2020)

While Day & Dream wrote their latest single ‘Cabin Fever’ before the pandemic hit, the basis and message seem to be more relevant now than ever before. Focusing on feeling trapped at home, the single considers how home is one of our favourite places but being inside too much is never a good thing. It works through the craziness that comes from constant repetition even when you are doing things you like or feel comfortable with.

Abby Amaya (keyboards, vocals) and Peter Frizzante (guitars) first met in New York City while they played with different bands. After getting married, they decided to start a new band and Day & Dream was born. Joined on this track by Erik Jan (bass), they use a mixture of dream-pop and shoegaze to draw you in.

‘Cabin Fever’ has a funky warbly opening that puts you into a dreamy space. The warbling notes hang over the other melodic elements to create an almost haziness to the music. This is a great sonic device that makes you think of those times when you have been inside for too long and things are going a little strange. The movement into pulsing drums is very interesting and adds to the idea that you are trapped and need to get out. There are a lot of different movements in the melody that sonically represent the emotions of the track.

Adding to the overall vibes of the track are Amaya’s vocals. Her performance forms this higher level of atmospheric goodness. Through her performance, you flow through the emotion of the song and can almost feel things becoming a bit much. When the melody picks up, her vocals remain as the dreamy layer like the lingering of emotions even after a situation changes.

Day & Dream use atmospheric vocals, dreamy melodies and sonic changes to fill you with ‘Cabin Fever’. The single is a great sonic representation of the slow craziness that comes from being inside for too long. It is a track that most of us can relate to right now.

Find out more about Day & Dream on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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