Jonathan Levy – Lover Boy (2020)

All relationships go through endless changes, but for many people, there is one thing that remains stable. That is the love they feel for their partner. These endless changes and love overcoming them is the foundation of ‘Lover Boy’ by Jonathan Levy. Using stylings from ballads of the 60s and 70s, he creates an intimate introspection into relationships.

The single is the second from his upcoming debut album and gives you an idea of what he has in store for us. While he is evolving as an artist, his insightful lyrics consider both the mental and physical impacts experiences have on us.

‘Lover Boy’ has a soft opening that sets the intimate vibe of the track. The light notes gently draw you into the song and let you float to the melody. The acoustic melody really helps to bolsters the vocals and message of the track. It is also very easy to listen to as it simply leads you further into the track. The melody does seem simple at the start, but the later inclusion of strings adds a richness and depth that increases the intimate feeling. You are surrounded by the music and enclosed in a warm space.

Levy’s vocals continue the intimate vibe of the track as he smoothly sets the tone. There is something unbelievably enjoyable about his performance as it flows over you. You can hear a little bit of 60s ballads in the performance, but there is also something completely unique and modern about the song. The lyrics take you through changes in relationships, but there is a sense that everything will work out because the emotional connection is still there.

Levy also has a music video for the single that provides a visual for the intimate track. The video has Levy sitting with his guitar in a room and simply singing the single. The low lighting and simplicity of the video enhances the emotional impact of the track and lets you connect with it in a different way. You can easily watch the video and through his performance, you see how much passion he has for his music.

Jonathan Levy uses an intimate melody with soothing vocals to highlight how love wins over changes in relationships in ‘Lover Boy’. The intimate atmosphere created by the melody and vocals helps the emotional hit of the lyrics land. The music video continues the intimacy of the track adding a simplicity that is absolutely wonderful.

Find out more about Jonathan Levy on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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