Day Trip To Monaco – Day Trip To Monaco (2020)

If you are looking for a sound that blends funk with indie-pop, you have come to the right place. Day Trip to Monaco the self-titled EP from the newly formed duo Day Trip to Monaco might just have the sound you are looking for. Using a driving force of the partners left behind when the duo started university, each song is a merging of styles and musical preferences.

The EP was initially meant to be a solo project by Alex Howley (drums, keyboards). Then he heard Megan Gallagher (vocals, guitar) sing her original composition ‘Til The Morning Comes Round’ and knew a band was needed. Since then, they have been working on the EP and having fun blending their sounds.

The EP starts with ‘Where Is Your Love Now?’ which hits you with some great funky tones from the first moment. The melody has this wonderful flow that is a perfect combination of funk and indie-pop. Gallagher’s vocals also combine the genres throughout her performance. There is a funky vibe to her performance through the verses getting a little pop infusion for the chorus.

‘This Girl I Know’ has a slower vibe to it with an almost jazzy flow to it. There is a more funk vibe to this song compared to the opening track. The rolling beats and light horns make this song a delight to listen to. The vocals are delicate and meld perfectly with the instruments for a unified sound that you easily flow to.

The opening of ‘Collide’ turns toward pop more than funk. There is a smoothness to this song that slides against your ears in the most pleasant way. The vocals have a soulful edge to them as you are softly drawn into the lyrics. The softness of the track makes it easy to relax into the song and get lost in the vocals.

‘Til The Morning Comes ‘Round’ is the song that got the band started and has a more indie-pop sound. The vocals have an interesting flow as they are hazy for the opening before shifting into focus. There is a groovy soulfulness to this song that links it to the previous track. However, the vibe is very different but just as enjoyable.

The EP ends with ‘Day Trip to Monaco’ which has a sombre vibe to the opening. The melody has an almost sorrowful guitar through it and this melds with the vocals. Gallagher’s vocal performance has a sad longing to it that cuts through you. This is a great way to end the EP as it lets you down easily.

Day Trip to Monaco envelopes you in their melded funk and indie-pop style with their self-titled EP. Each track has a unique vibe to it as the duo explores their soundscape. This results in a very different EP that brings the best of both genres.

Find out more about Day Trip to Monaco on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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