De Ana – Disease (2021)

After creating ‘Disease’ as a challenge on her YouTube channel, De Ana is bringing the official version to our ears. The emotive breakup single has been given a new lease on life through the blending of acoustic instrumentation and vocoded vocals. While staying in line with the original, the sincerity of the lyrics have been bolstered by the addition of guitars and drums.

While coming from a classical music background, De Ana is reinventing herself and sharing her blended music with the world. With a growing audience on her music tech YouTube channel, she shares her journey with her followers. Drawing on her musical background and mixing it with soul, folk and pop, she creates a unique blend of sound that carries a wonderful authenticity.

‘Disease’ grabs your attention with De Ana’s warm vocals. Her voice has a smoky feeling as it weaves its way around your senses. The performance has a soulful slide as you feel the emotions of the lyrics flow through your chest. You can feel the yearning and the understanding that this longing might not be the best thing for you. While her performance hits all the emotional points, the lyrics provide a relatable story. Through the lyrics, she paints a clear picture that you can connect with whether you have been in the same position or not.

Resting below the smoky vocals is a really amazing melody. There is a Latin vibe that comes through in the guitars as they trill against your ears. The drums add this rhythm that has your shoulders moving to them before the electric guitar calls to your soul. You can’t really help but move some part of your body to the melody because it is too catchy for its own good. The pace of the melody does enhance the emotional drive of the lyrics and creates an interesting counterpoint to the seductive vocals.

De Ana has you moving to her rhythm and getting lost in her smoky vocals in ‘Disease’. The vocals capture your attention first with the smoky smoothness of her voice and the authentic feeling of her performance. Beneath the vocals, the melody gets your body moving while bolstering the emotive hits she provides.

Find out more about De Ana on her Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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