Emily McNally – Can We Be Friends? (2021)

Many people face a point in their relationship where they know that they are not right for each other but want to stay together because they still care. Emily McNally brings the petition of these emotions to sonic life through her single ‘Can We Be Friends?’. Steeped in vulnerability, the single shimmers with yearning, contemplation of what-if and layered melodics.

The single continues the soundtrack of the anxious and lovelorn generation McNally touches through her DIY sound. Through her music, she shares a time-capsule of queer adolescence offering a connection to those who feel alone and understanding to those who need it. Working with Corkscrew Records, a teenage-run label, they look to amplify voices that are often overlooked.

‘Can We Be Friends?’ opens with a delightful bedroom pop sound that is all shimmering tones and deep beats. There is a contemplative feeling to the music that creeps into your veins and settles just under your skin. The light drone of the music pulls you into an almost meditative haze that enhances the reflective and contemplative vibe of the track. The light tones that tumble over the higher levels of the melody are delicate in their touching emotion. The flow of the music is like a gentle river of sound that you can float along as the lyrics and vocals wash over you.

McNally’s vocals are as soft as the melody and act like a cloud cushioning your journey down the single. There is a touch of haziness to her performance that bolsters the meditative vibe introduced by the melody. While hazy and light, her performance is packed with emotions from longing to keep a connection with another to the nebulous feelings of what could be. On the chorus, she tugs at your heart with her plea to stay together and close. It is a truly touching performance that is so easy to connect with.

Emily McNally tugs at your heartstrings through the vulnerability of ‘Can We Be Friends?’. With a gentle melody and hazy yet emotive vocals, she offers a sense of understanding to people. Through her vocals, you touch on the pain of a relationship breaking down and the yearning for the connection shared by the couple to remain.

Find out more about Emily McNally on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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