Nick Noon – Don’t Let The Papers Get You Down/ Dear Delilah (2021)

Merging elements of indie-rock, pop and folk, Nick Noon is a US-based musician with a unique sound. Despite being a veteran artist having written hundreds of songs, Noon’s latest project is still an emerging one. While the tracks are minimal when it comes to Noon’s Spotify, the talent is overwhelming speaking volumes with simple chords. Inspired by life at large, Noon is not afraid to execute evocative, provocative and intimate lyricism in his music. We have the honour of introducing you to Nick Noon with his EP Don’t Let The Papers Get You Down/ Dear Delilah.

Filled with interesting melodic arrangements, ‘Don’t Let The Papers Get You Down’ and ‘Dear Delilah’ instantly plunge you into a whirlpool of sound. At first sight, Noon may appear to have a guitar-driven style, but the EP showcases his genre-defying sound with guitars, pianos and interspersed string sections. What I find intriguing about the instrumentation of the two-track EP is the merging of classical music with informal folk meets pop ballads. It is as if Nick Noon wants to bring the best of both worlds together in his tracks.

Eclectic and innovative, the harmonic melodies in both tracks are heart-melting and soul-stirring. Yet, while the orchestral instrumentation plucks at the heartstrings, it is the lyricism that enhances the poignancy of the EP. Provocative and engaging, both tracks are engaging touching on profound issues of sociopolitical situations, isolation, inner turmoil and human fragility. What I find most interesting is the music has heavy content but conveys it in an almost friendly and endearing way.

The two singles have similarity in their design with lingering nostalgia, but ‘Dear Delilah’ captivates me. Tender and charming, the acoustic-inspired track has a sense of melancholy amidst the reflective lyricism. Slight twinges of Jamie Cullum come through in this piano-led ballad, however, the interspersed violin adds a spine-chilling heartache to the song. Perhaps it is this pain that calls to me, or perhaps it is the fact that ‘Dear Delilah’ ends the EP with an overwhelming crescendo that makes it more significant. I don’t know, but what I do know is that Nick Noon’s maxi-single is a sensation to be kept on repeat.

For more from Nick Noon check out his official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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