De Antiquis Et Novis – What Do You Do? (2021)

Every day we are all making decisions whether big or small that affect our lives in some way. De Antiquis Et Novis considers these decisions and the larger ones that we all have to make in life through the tones of ‘What Do You Do?’. Using a relaxed and chilled soundscape, he brings ambient tones to dream pop while dipping into life-changing moments.

This consideration of decisions comes from the man behind the music, Mattias Schorer. Drawing on years of musical experience and a passion for electronic music, he moulds synths and ambient tones into his musical masterpieces. Using the time provided by the pandemic, he went back to his musical roots for this track and the upcoming album that it is a part of.

‘What Do You Do?’ gently builds through the opening like the yawning of a sonic dawn. The growth of the synths through the opening softly sweeps over you and beckons you into the track. The lighter synths twinkle before the beats grab you and dance through your veins. There is a delicate feeling to the melodic movement that has brings bright lights and pastel tones to your brain. There are dynamic pulses of synths that add texture to the soundscape. You can clearly hear the fusion of tones as dream pop softness gives way to a rather cinematic paced movement. Through all of this, there is a touch of retro vibes that glimmer against the modern sensibilities of the track.

The melody is the primary driving force of the track with the vocals misting over the tones with an airy mysticism. The lightness of the vocals brings a slight chill to the soundscape while pulling you further under the spell of the music. They combine amazingly to fill you with the understanding that there are moments coming in life when you need to make an important choice. As the single progresses, the power of the vocals increases to really push this understanding on you.

With a stunning synth moment that brings textured colours to your mind, De Antiquis Et Novis pulls you under the spell of ‘What Do You Do?’. The dynamic melody is the driving force of the single as it lightly pulls you in and moves you down the winding path of slightly retro tones and modern sensibilities. The vocals provide the understanding of choices made in life as they grow in power as the single progresses.

Find out more about de Antiquis Et Novis on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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