Hazel – Thinking On (2020)

Hazel had us floating on dreamy vocals to the catchy melody of ‘Occupy My Sun’. The band is now back with their latest single ‘Thinking On’. While the single was originally planned for release in March 2020, changes to the sound during lockdown pushed it back. Now, we are ready to enjoy it in all its new-found glory.

The new sound offers a thread of dreaminess that links it to their debut single. Through the music, you are provided with a personal approach to the emotions of the single. While intimate, the band is able to create a spacious feeling through the melody and vocals.

‘Thinking On’ opens with a very retro vibe full of 80s synths. There is a popping feeling to the melody that gets you moving to the rhythm. As the song progresses, there are guitar lines that come through to add a little rock-pop vibe to the music. There is a subtle haziness to the melody that reminds you of mist lightly parting as you walk through it. Threaded into the synths is this great psychedelic vibe that lets you relax back into the music and allow the flow to wash over you.

The vocals continue the hazy feeling of the melody. While offering a dreamy soundscape, the vocals create an intimate pocket for you to crawl into and listen to them. The harmonisations on the chorus are a delicate touch that just adds that little something to the music that you can’t help but like. The lyrics have a poetry to them that you get a little lost in as they flow to the melody.

Hazel pulls you further into their dreamy soundscape with the retro vibes of their single ‘Thinking On’. The 80’s synths give the melody a retro feel while the vocals create a dreamy soundscape that you can fall back into.

Find out more about Hazel on their Instagram and Spotify.

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