Dead At 27 – Bring In The Lights (2018)

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Image courtesy of Dead At 27

Dead At 27 is an alternative heavy rock four-piece from Caerphilly in South Wales. They formed in October 2016 by frontman Nathan Gratton-Smith and bassist Mitch Casey. In 2017, drummer Chris Lerwell and guitarist Dave Griffiths joined the line-up, and the band was complete.

Their first EP was produced in the spring of 2017, and their single ‘Envy’ has been on many a radio station, such as Kerrang and BBC. ‘Envy’ is Dead at 27’s single from their album Bring in the Lights. It’s definitely a fantastic recording on a great album. The band has a great vibe and work really well together; they all seem to fit with each other.

A very relatable song with great lyrics. I love the guitar riffs and how they interact with the rest of the instruments. The song ‘Envy’ is one of the more ‘rocky’ songs on Dead At 27’s album with ‘Lights’ being the heaviest song. ‘Envy’ and ‘1994’ are my favourite tracks on the album. To me, they flow really well, and are great to not only listen to but to dance to. The album is fantastic and all the songs work really well together. It’s nice to get songs and albums that gel and click well.

All in all, ‘Envy’ is a fantastic single! It has a great rhythm and lyrics. Bring in the Lights, as an album, is refreshing and gets the alternative rock/heavy music perfectly slanted for me. I would definitely recommend this up-and-coming band, and I am sure we will be seeing plenty of Dead At 27!

If you are a fan of live gigs, Dead At 27 is playing on February 22nd 2019 at Crowley’s Rock Bar in Swansea. It is a shame they are coming up to an end of their current tour! I hope they end up touring again; it would be great to see what they are like live!

If you are looking for more information on the band check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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