Matt Hammond – One for Sorrow (2020)

Matt Hammond is showcasing his musical journey with his latest single ‘One for Sorrow’. Using his percussive guitar with a dash of vocals, he lets you know what he is all about. If you are looking for a new take on the acoustic guitar, this is the song for you. You will be left wondering why you have never heard anything like it before.

While the single highlights her prowess on the guitar, his melancholic vocals draw you into the story. Since making his debut just over a year ago, Hammond has been gaining fans with his expert guitar skills and tender vocals. Providing both a studio and live session version of this single, you can easily hear the journey in the music.

‘One for Sorrow’ hit you with the plucking guitar line from the first second. The picked guitar formed the basis of the melody, but there are these other notes that come in at times. This shows the prowess he has with his guitar as all the notes come from it. The percussion style notes are wonderful as they showcase the range an acoustic guitar actually has. While the melody is only the guitar, there is a depth and intricacy to it. There is nothing simple about the melody which has a lot going on.

While the guitar melody could easily steal the show, Hammond’s sweet vocals hold their own. Using a unique lyrical structure, his performance melds with the intricate guitar notes. There is almost something bardic about the flow of the single through the melody and vocals. The lyrics also have a poetic vibe to them as he talks about sorry and a lack of empathy.

Matt Hammond showcases his expert guitar skills and tender vocals on ‘One for Sorrow’. While the guitar melody really grabs you, there is something about his vocals that creeps up on you. Combined, they create a wonderful single that you can enjoy at any time. Personally, I found the live session version has an edge to it that really grabs you.

Find out more about Matt Hammond on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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