Dead Girls Academy – Alchemy (2019)

American rock band Dead Girls Academy recently released their new album Alchemy via Victory Records. Michael Orlando and Ronnie Radke formed the band after Michael suffered terrible injuries following a road accident. The injuries nearly killed him, and Dead Girls Academy was born.

The album kicks off with the track ‘Medicine’. It has a hefty rock sound of scorching guitar riffs. The vocals sound amazing, and the music resembles that of Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. Orlando says he’s sorry for being honest and that’s what they wanted. It has an awesome guitar solo at 1:50.

The track ‘Forever’ has a drum beat and guitar riffs at the beginning, then followed by the vocals. It has a great rock sound. Orlando sings about how he wants to have someone’s hands around his throat and how he wants to feel this pain forever. He sings about someone who he has feelings for, but it seems like they’re hurting him. The track ‘No Way Out’ has an eerie sound at the start; then the rest of the band and vocals kick in. It has a steady beat at first then it gets really heavy. It has a very “2000s My Chemical Romance” sound to it. The track is about not wanting to name any names and not wanting to play games; how the relationship used to be fun but not anymore.

The track ‘I Can’t Feel A Thing’ has a drum beat then guitar riffs at the beginning. The vocals start and are high-pitched sounding soulful and heartfelt. It sounds like he’s suffering from heartbreak and that he feels like she took everything from him. ‘Everything’ sounds very hard rock at the start as he sings about a guy that thinks highly of himself with loads of girls hanging off his arms. It has epic guitar riffs and a heavy bass line.

The track ‘Too Late’ has a great drum beat. Orlando sings about wanting to look back in misery and kill the pain with drink. It is very catchy with a good beat and chorus. The track ‘I’ll Find A Way’ has a great heavy rock sound. From the first chord, the whole band play it has a great drum beat and guitar riffs. He sings about learning to live without someone and how he wants them to feel the pain he feels.

The track ‘Conversions’ has synthesized sounds at the start that have a very 80s feel. It carries on throughout the song where he sings about how he wants someone to know who he is and how he doesn’t want to change. The track ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ is about how he would do anything for someone. It has a great heavy rock sound, and the vocals and the backing vocals go well together.

Overall the album is a great heavy metal album. If you are a fan of My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy or Falling In Reverse, you will love this album.

We recently interviewed Dead Girls Academy vocalist, Michael Orlando. You can see the interview here.

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