Sami Simon – Morning Sun (2020)

Hailing from Berlin, Sami Simon has been captivating listeners for years. His debut EP Edges was released in 2019 and highlighted his flair for capturing innermost thoughts and feelings. Using his ability to put these emotions into enthralling compositions, his latest single ‘Morning Sun’ is one you should not miss.

The song looks at finding hope in the morning as the first rays of dawn break over the horizon. Using a melancholic yet comforting tone, it looks at how the darkness of night is eased by the light. You are also reminded that it can be good to be alive even when the struggle is real.

‘Morning Sun’ sets the tone of an early morning with the opening. The sharp notes give way to the gentle strumming of a guitar that eases you into the song. The melody is easy to listen to and draws you into the single without you even realising it. The piano notes in the melody help to build up the imagery of dawn and rays of light cutting through the darkness.

Simon’s vocals come in so perfectly that it is like his voice is an extension of the guitar. There is a gentle harmonisation on the track that creates this hazy feeling to the performance. His soothing vocals have a melancholic tone to it, but there is a lightness at the same time. While there is a chance the darkness of the night could drag you under, his vocals have enough hope in them to bring you up.

Sami Simon gently breaks over the horizon like the first rays of dawn in ‘Morning Sun’. His soothing vocals combine with an emotive melody to produce a song you can listen to again and again.

Find out more about Sami Simon on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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