The Impersonators – Sad Cafe (2019)

The Impersonators are an alternative pop/rock band from Finland. They are Tommi Tikka and Antti Autio and are releasing their latest EP Sad Cafe via FBP Music.

The EP begins with the track ‘Sad Cafe’ which has a gentle rock sound with 60s style guitar riffs. The vocals are great, and the drumbeat is slow and soothing. He sings about how he wonders if love was broken from the start, so it sounds like a break-up song. The track’ Burning Blue’ has a slow rock sound with gentle guitar riffs and slow bass line. The vocals sound great, and it sounds like it’s about someone who he cares for. It has excellent high-pitched vocals in it which sound fantastic.

The track’ Broken Snow’ has a gentle guitar sound with soft vocals. He sings about how he was told a lie and has a broken heart. It has a great bass line that is very prominent. The track ‘Effigy’ has the sound of thunder and wind at the start, and then a gentle guitar riff begins. Once the vocals kick in, you can hear the 60s style. The track ‘You Are The One’ has soothing piano sounds at the start. The vocals are amazing, and he sings about someone he loves for eternity. He also sings about how beautiful they are, and they are the world to him. It’s very slow and dramatic.

The EP is a very catchy 60s rock EP that has some heartfelt songs. They are all memorable and beautiful. The EP is available now on Spotify, and you can follow The Impersonators on Facebook.

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