Dead Menace – Dance Routines (2021)

If you are looking for an EP that gets you moving to sharp lyrics and heavy beats, Dead Menace has what you need. The aptly named Dance Routines is an EP that has you dancing, while looking at the sense of individuality, being in too deep and bringing the noise. Each track invites you to dance the night away, while letting the drama of daily life slide away to the rhythm thumps of the bass.

This dance extravaganza comes from three brothers, Kit, Jack and Dan. As brothers, they know the importance of being able to find their own path, while challenging each other creatively. Using the pandemic lockdowns to hone the sound of this musical project, they blend rave tunes with bouncing pop for an infectious energy.

The title track ‘Dance Routines’ starts the EP with a nod to individuality in the structured setting of a dance routine. The opening has an expansive feel to it, while the beats pulse gently in the lower levels. The beats start to take over the music as the vocals hit. The lyrics hone in on the dance routine and how you need to find your place, while still retaining your individuality. The chorus has a dark electronic pulse that gets you moving. There is a darkness to this track that shines through the melody, while the vocals bring a twirl of conflicting emotions. At times, you feel powerful in your position, only to dip down into confusion and awe of someone. It is a really catchy track that has you eager to listen to the rest of the EP.

‘Moving to Japan’ offers a more industrial tone with a splash of video game electronic pulses. The droning low level of the last track continues through this one, linking them at their very core. The vocals are lighter and put a smile on your face, while the lyrics tell a toxic story. They look at being in too deep in a relationship and ignoring all the red flags, while sinking into infatuation. The chorus is really catchy and you may find yourself wanting to sing along. The inclusion of Japanese vocal samples is wonderful as it enhances the story of the track and brings this edge of uniqueness to it.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Magnetic’ and its phone call opening. There are some dark pounding tones in the background that lead you to the almost retro electronic tones. The music has an energetic feeling, that pulses into your veins, and makes you want to bring the noise. The vocals enhance this feeling as the lyrics get the group together and have them upping their game. As the single continues, a depth to the vocals is introduced like a chorus of voices rising up. This is a really interesting song as it brings different genres and styles together in a way that works perfectly. There is a deep desire to dance woven into the track that you can’t really ignore.

Dead Menace fills you with dancing energy as they draw on various genres and styles to get you moving to their rhythm with their EP Dance Routines. From dark searches of individuality to toxic tales and bringing the noise, they have you hooked from start to finish. Each track has a completely different energy that showcases the versatility of what the group has to offer.

Find out more about Dead Menace on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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