The Ramble – Heartbreaker (2021)

The Ramble is introducing the world to their energetic and stadium-ready rock sound with ‘Heartbreaker’. A track that is packed with big choruses and an epic rock sound, it showcases the band’s ability to bring moods to their music. The rock tones are electrifying as they bring the best bits of all generations of rock together, for a sound that transcends them all.

While the single was born in London when vocalist Roland Dan was living there, it found its soul in the USA. Working with Colin Myers (keys) and Sergio Ripa (guitar), the track slowly started to take shape. With a flourish of hard-hitting drums from Grady Steel, it was completed, along with a couple of other songs that are sure to make their way to our ears in time.

‘Heartbreaker’ lightly grabs your attention with a tender tone and guitar that calls to you from the distance. This tenderness drops for a driving classic rock tone that vibrates through your chest and has you rocking out in an instant. The melody is packed with some epic rock tones, that move from classic rock soars to gruff rock ‘n roll. Through all of this, the melody flies out of the track with the energy you only get from a stadium concert. The movement of the guitars enhances the vocals and chorus with a little pulse and push.

As the melody has you rocking out to the music, the vocals bring some more of that classic hard rock tone to the single. There is an electrifying presence to the vocals, as they dive into the draw of someone you fall in love with. While the lyrics have you falling head over heels in love, there is the caution that this person is not right for you and will break your heart. This caution is wrapped up in the most engaging performance possible. Dan’s vocals growl into your brain and have you losing control to the band’s infectious sound. This is definitely a song that you want to play as loud as possible and go a little crazy to.

The Ramble packs a ridiculous amount of infectious energy into their tale of love and caution that is ‘Heartbreaker’, while getting you to rock out without a care in the world. The melody has an epic soar that draws on the best bits of rock. The vocals growl into your brain, getting you further hooked to the sound of the band.

Find out more about The Ramble on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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