Deaf Surf – Strangers (2020)

Deaf Surf is wasting no time in following up their debut single ‘Sofa’ with a hot new track. Since COVID-19 caused the cancellation of their gigs, the band decided they would release ‘Strangers’ during this time. They felt the new single would be a better option to them playing over Zoom.

The song continues everything that we loved about their debut single and more. It is also a great outlet for the difficulties of life that so many are feeling bogged down with right now. While the single release was impacted by COVID-19, the song is much more than another addition to the lockdown playlist of life.

‘Strangers’ first catches your attention with a short spoken word before the guitar-driven melody hits you. The crashing guitars are so engaging while the melody is catchy and aggressive at the same time. There is something raw about the music in this track that makes it easy to connect with. The punishing melody creates a crashing backdrop for the punk-rock vocals.

The vocals are the punk performance you are expecting from the band. The performance funnels all the frustrations people might be feeling at the moment into a sonic explosion. However, there is a glimmer of hope within the chorus. The lyrics take a look at feelings of loneliness and how your mind can play tricks on you. The catchy delivery of the lyrics will get you singing along and having a good time.

Deaf Surf help you get all your frustration out while tackling feelings of loneliness in ‘Strangers’. The song is so easy to connect with and makes you want to move to the beat. It is the perfect angst-driven punk song to blare when you are feeling frustrated.

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