Qwiet Type – We Gotta Move (2020)

Qwiet Type is a solo artist who has only been around for less than a year but is already gaining traction. While the act is new, the man behind the music started playing the drums at 5-years-old. After years of working in the entertainment industry, he has given into his passion for music.

As Qwiet Type, he has steadily been recording new tracks in his home studio with no end in sight. With a full album being released soon, he has been releasing singles to whet the appetite. ‘We Gotta Move’ is an amazing appetizer highlighting Qwiet Type’s unique musical fusion.

‘We Gotta Move’ is an apt title for this track because it makes you want to move from the first notes. The start sets up the funky tone of the song melding groovy pop with indie-rock and funky brass. The vocals effortlessly pick up the tone of the song and are full of a swagger that adds to the beat.

The genre for this track is hard to pin down which only adds to the enjoyment. The movement between singing and brass instruments is amazing. This upbeat track is a lively interlude that should be included in any playlist.

Qwiet Type sets the bar with ‘We Gotta Move’. The track is upbeat, funky and full of swagger while making you want to move from the opening note to the last brass tone. This song is a great addition to his other releases and makes you excited for the full album.

Find out more about Qwiet Type on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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