Papaver Cousins – Bad Writing (2018)

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Papaver Cousins is a Hungarian folk-rock band, and their latest album, Bad Writing, was released in September 2018.

The album kicks off with the track ‘Boys And Girls’.  It starts with guitar riffs that are brilliant, the drumbeat is amazing, the vocals are great, and it has an amazing feel-good sound.  ‘Bad Writing’ starts with soothing vocals and guitar riffs.  At 55 seconds, an epic drum beat kicks in!  This is a love song, but it sounds like a sad love song where the vocalist sings about heartbreak and about loving someone to death.  It has a very catchy sound and a brilliant bass line.

‘The Clouds Are Moving Fast Here’ starts with a gentle guitar riff and soft vocals.  It’s a bit of a slower song than the previous tracks; it also has a beautiful cello sound in the background.  It’s such a lovely song that is very relaxing to listen to, and you will find it puts you in a very chilled mood.

‘Leaves’ starts with a great rock sound but with a country sound too.  It’s very catchy and is about love, but again a bit of a sad love song.  ‘Selfish Enough’ has a great piano and guitar sound from the start; he sings about wanting to charm someone, and he’s singing about wanting to be with the person.  At 2:07 it has an amazing guitar solo that sounds absolutely brilliant.

‘Favourite Failed Attempt’ begins with soft acoustic guitar riffs, soft vocals and a soft drumbeat.  This is a slower song where both the lead and backing vocals are great.  It is a very relaxing song and very soothing; it sounds like it’s about loving someone when the feelings aren’t returned.  He sings about failing to make the person feel the same.  ‘Sea’ starts with a great drumbeat and guitar, and it sounds like another love song.  The vocals and lyrics are very good, where he sings about wanting to always be all around for a certain person.

‘Denied Flowers’ starts with a beautiful guitar sound and the vocals are great.  This is a very slow song that is very soothing and catchy, although it sounds like quite a sad song it sounds beautiful.  ‘Salty Sweet Circles’ starts with music and vocals immediately and is rockier.  At 45 seconds, it has a great guitar solo where the vocalist sings about forgiveness.  At 2:12, it has another great guitar solo.

‘Thick Stemmed Tulips’ has soft guitar riffs at the beginning and the vocalist sings about a group of old friends who used to hang out, but there are only two friends remaining.  He sings about wanting to talk to them and hang out.  He sings about how happy he is to see them, but how sad he becomes when reminiscing – it is a very heartfelt song.

‘Lock And Leave’ starts with a very soft guitar, quiet vocals, and a soft drumbeat kicks in with a cello in the background.  At 1:22, he whistles a tune; the vocals are great, and while it sounds like a sad song it is still a great track.  At 2:36 there is a great guitar solo, and it starts to get heavier.

Overall, Bad Writing is definitely a great rock album and is perfect for all rock music lovers out there.  It has all the rock sounds from soft to heavy to country-rock, and it’s great.  Papaver Cousins can be found on Facebook, Bandcamp and Spotify.

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