Denni Ian – Killer Whales (2020)

Are you looking for a song that will help you delve into the murky waters of uncertainty? ‘Killer Whales’ by Danish singer-songwriter and visual artist Denni Ian might just be what you need. Using a soundscape that is soothing and meditative, he wistfully draws you into these waters with poetic lyrics. Through this, he takes your hand and helps you reach across the unknown for the connections you long for.

The soundscape created by Ian is unique as he combines elements of folk, punk and poetry. If this seems like a combination that will not work, this song might just be what changes your mind. Using his musicality, he creates a balanced and wonderfully blended sonic experience.

‘Killer Whales’ lightly takes your hand in the opening with soft notes that are like a gossamer wave against your ears. The rippling melody has an intimate feeling to it while filling you with a wistfulness. There is something very peaceful about the melody that you can’t really get enough of. While relatively simple, the piano line and gentle notes bubbling from the background have a meditative effect that works so well with the vocals.

Ian’s vocals have a great depth to them as he leads you through the poetry of the lyrics. His performance is as soothing as the melody, but there is something in the lyrics that adds a touch of darkness to the proceedings. When you listen to the lyrics, you are filled with a longing for a connection that seems to be just out of reach. This is where the uncertainty of the track rests.

Denni Ian uses a gentle melody and poetic lyrics to fill you with wistfulness and a sense of longing in ‘Killer Whales’. The rippling piano-driven melody combines with his deep vocals for a meditative and soothing search for connections within the murky waters of uncertainty.

Find out more about Denni Ian on his Instagram and Spotify.

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