Glaser Brothers – Take Control (2020)

After playing music together for their whole lives, the Glaser Brothers, Justin and Jordan Glaser, have dropped their debut single ‘Take Control’. Using a combination of pop-rock elements, powerful lyrics and catchy melodies, they are letting us know what they are all about. If this single hooks you to their sound, their next is only a single night away as ‘Hello, Hello’ is out on 16 October.

Their debut is an uplifting anthem all about being in control of your own destiny. The relatable lyrics and sing-along chorus could easily make this a track to add to your favourite playlist. While this is their first single together, they are no newcomers to the scene having played with the band Home State.

‘Take Control’ hits you with a driving beat that hooks your attention from the first moment. There are some lighter notes that filter over the beat and fly just past your head. The melody experiences a crashing explosion for the chorus with a burst of instruments and synths. This drops back to the beats and zipping notes for the verses. The movement of the melody takes control of your head and has it moving to the rhythm before you know what is happening.

The vocals enter as a light draping layer over the beats. They continue as a path leading you through the beats of the melody before propelling you into the explosion of the chorus. The lyrics are very catchy and you are probably going to be singing along to the chorus. There is a very anthemic vibe to the track and you could imagine blaring it out of your speakers or headphones at any time.

The Glaser Brothers set the bar high with their debut single ‘Take Control’. Full of catchy melodies, driving beats and smooth vocals, the song offers an anthemic feeling as you soar to what it has to offer. The captivating sound will have you excited for their next single.

Find out more about the Glaser Brothers on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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