Earthsea – Four More Years (2020)

Earthsea is a London-based alternative band that has evolved over the years. Dom Main (vocals, keys), Jamie Wesley (guitar), James Kerr (bass) and Will Soutter (drums, samples, production) met while students in Durham when looking for their first serious band. Since their first release in 2014, they have put out an EP and are following it up with two new singles.

‘Four More Years’ is one of the new singles and is a very theoretical fantasy meeting. The meeting is convened to consider the removal of a serious idiot who lets his ego get in the way of doing the right thing. The fantasy meeting is woven in a track with all the textural soundscapes, salsa grooves and haunting melodies Earthsea are great at.

The opening of ‘four More Years’ hooks you because it is so different from anything else you might hear right now. The somewhat surreal notes lead into Main’s smooth vocals. Throughout the track, you can pick up on some salsa notes. There is a change in the melody that moves it from fantasy to a more rock vibe while retaining the haunting vocals and surrealism.

While the melody is what hooks you, the lyrics and vocal performance will keep you on track. The haunting tone of the vocals compounds the fantasy meeting laid out in the lyrics. Through the lyrics, you can easily picture the meeting and the resulting actions described.

Earthsea takes you on a journey with ‘Four More Years’ through multi-layering sounds, captivating lyrics and haunting tones. The melody of the track seamlessly melds with Main’s haunting and smooth vocal performance while the lyrics get you invested in the tale. If this track is a summary of where the band currently is, I cannot wait for more.

Find out more about Earthsea on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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